I took this photo a few days ago while at Sky Bar celebrating my roommate Joe’s 29th Birthday.

I put it through a filter on Instagram and BOOM this came out.

It was breathtaking to be sitting there chatting with some new acquaintances, checking my email, having a cup of tea and of course a glass of Georgian wine, and then a wonderful bowl of onion soup (side note: Georgia has the best produce, I could eat the onions raw; they are so fragrant and delicious).

The commonplace activities that occur in the phenomenal scenery and backdrops can be overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. I’ve been here officially one week today and I’m just learning how to sleep/wake on Georgian time. Oh my! The language! Oh man! The food. Yes please! Teaching is an adventure in itself, but in Georgia…sometimes at night I ask myself, WHAT WAS I THINKING? 

Deep down I know this is where I’m supposed to be. Maktub. It is written.

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